PYXERA Global Announces Catalyzing Growth in Emerging Markets

PYXERA Global Announces Catalyzing Growth in Emerging Markets

The 5th Annual International Corporate Volunteerism Conference, April 7 & 8 - #Catalyze14

WASHINGTON, DC | February 10, 2014  - 2014 marks an exciting development for the  Annual International Corporate Volunteerism Conference.  Hosted by PYXERA Global on April 7 and 8 in Washington, DC, this year’s event, Catalyzing Growth in Emerging Marketsincludes a Public-Private Partnership Forum featuring a series of talk-show style conversations between CEOs, Executive Vice Presidents, senior government leaders, members of Congress, and social sector leaders.  The conference will address the ways in which cross-sector interests converge to achieve shared value and examine how the practice of International Corporate Volunteerism, or global pro bono, is contributing to socio-economic growth in emerging and frontier markets. Lead sponsors of this year’s event include The Dow Chemical Company (Dow), Ernst & Young, IBM, SAP, and Merck.

Broadcast live from the Knight Studio at the Newseum, the Public-Private Partnership Forum will address themes of business in emerging markets, shared value, leadership, the power of corporate diplomacy, and global health. “The International Corporate Volunteerism Conference is an excellent time to bring together thought leaders from industry, academia, NGOs, and social enterprises to discuss the important role of engaging public-private partnerships to meet some of the world’s most pressing challenges,” commented Dow’s Global Director of Corporate Citizenship, Bo Miller.  “This type of collaboration is synergistic and a pivotal part of Dow’s approach to corporate citizenship.”

Corporate volunteer programs provide companies and leadership an approach to better understand and service growing needs in emerging markets.  “Through programs like the Richard T. Clark Fellowship for World Health, Merck has learned first-hand the value of public-private partnerships in meeting the health needs of the underserved.  We look forward to contributing to the conversation about how these types of collaborations bring greater access to quality healthcare to people around the world,” noted Brian Grill, Executive Vice President of Merck Foundation.

April 8th will feature inspiring presentations, panels, and interactive workshops that address corporate volunteerism.  Taking place at the FHI 360 Conference Center, the day features companies with active international corporate volunteer programs as part of corporate responsibility and employee engagement strategies.  IBM’s Vice President of Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Affairs, Stanley S. Litow, shared, “Having operated the largest pro bono international problem solving program of its kind for the last five years, we’re looking forward to sharing lessons learned in running the kind of initiative that yields enormous benefits for the company, employee, and community.”

In addition to Dow, Ernst & Young, IBM, SAP, and Merck, Catalyzing Growth in Emerging Markets will also feature corporate leaders from Credit Suisse, BD, GlaxoSmithKline, Symantec, PepsiCo, Google, John Deere, Pfizer, CaixaBank, and PIMCO.  Leaders from distinguished social sector organizations such as Public Health Institute, Charities at Work, Global Giving, and Global Impact will also be featured.  Media sponsors include CSRwire, Devex, and 3BLMedia.

“Cross-sector partnerships are increasingly becoming an effective and necessary approach to address the most pressing social issues of our time.  This dialogue between public, private, and social leaders will examine the ways in which partnership and collaboration can lead to sustainable impact,” stated Deirdre White, CEO of event host, PYXERA Global, an international development nonprofit that designs and manages international corporate volunteer programs for over a dozen corporations in service of government agencies, small and medium enterprises, and local organizations worldwide.

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