PYXERA Global Speaks On The Power Of Global Pro Bono And Local Content Development To Catalyze Private Sector Investment

WASHINGTON, D.C., June 12, 2014  - Amanda MacArthur, PYXERA Global’s VP of Global Pro Bono and Engagement, will speak at “Engaging Wall Street on Power Africa” in New York City this Friday. Hosted by U.S. Congressman Gregory W. Meeks and the Congressional Black Caucus Africa Task Force, the event will outline key ways companies can access new business opportunities through “Power Africa”.

MacArthur will outline how American corporations are now accessing new markets in Africa through global pro bono and local content development programs. In some instances, these companies are building partnerships with African entities.

“As the GDP of countries across Africa continues to grow, there are significant business opportunities for American companies to do well by doing good,” noted MacArthur. “Initiatives like global pro bono, through which companies send employees and future leaders to work with governments, nonprofits, and businesses on short-term assignments, offer an entryway into how businesses, culture, and governments operate. It makes these environments more accessible for companies considering market entry and builds capacity in the local markets.”

Key industry executives and government officials will speak at on how investors can identify and structure projects in Africa.  Companies, banks and investment funds from the U.S., Europe, and Africa, well known for their engagement in Africa, will also share their insight on investing in Africa.

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