ICVLead2013: Global Pro Bono, Food Security, and Industry Benchmarking at the 4th Annual ICV Conference


On April 11 and 12, CDS convened its 4th Annual ICV Conference, Responsible Leadership: The Future of Corporate Engagement in Global Development.

Known by its hashtag, #ICVLead2013, the conference this year sought to elevate the visibility of successful ICV programs working to confront specific global challenges while also offering new and unique insights into ways international corporate volunteerism, or ICV, enhance the capabilities of of future global business leaders.

Steve Hurley, a Senior Advisor to CDS, explained the significance of this year’s benchmarking study for those considering starting their own ICV program.

Chris Jarvis of Realized Worth explained the implications of the growing “global pro bono” trend.

Nate Clark, the Vice President of the John Deere Foundation spoke about the way agricultural history informs Deere’s approach to improving lives and livelihoods of those linked to the land.

You can also read the full conversation that happened at #ICVLead2013 on Storify!

Alicia Bonner Ness

Alicia Bonner Ness (@AliciaBNess) is the editor of the The New Global Citizen, where she seeks to showcase the impact of beneficiaries and implementers alike, empowering all those engaged in furthering social good to learn from one another. She is also the Communications Manager at PYXERA Global.

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